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If you wish to apply to Illuminati, please fill out the form below in full, you will need to copy and paste and then create a new post. Partial applications will not be considered.

Partial applications will not be considered

Partial applications will not be considered

Partial applications will not be considered!

We are an English speaking guild, do you speak/understand English : yes i understand English perfectly. English is my 1st language.

Do you have/do you speak on Ventrillo : I have Ventrillo and I also have a microphone. I am able to talk on vent during raids if required to.

A Bit about your character. Quag has been my main for over 5 years now, always as a feral druid. In Vanilla wow and during TBC i was a tank however during wrath i changed my main spec to feral dps. I am comfortable in either role but rather playing as a dps than as a tank.

Character name : Quag

Is this your main character: Yes it is

Race & Class : Tauren Druid

Main Spec: Feral DPS

Off Spec: Feral Tank

Do you have much experience in your Off spec and would you respec if the guild required it: I have tanked every boss in WOTLK on Quag and have a tanking set almost as good as my dps set. I am happpy to respek as tank for the guild in a pinch however i am applying to the guild as a dps and would not be happy if i was expected to tank every raid, however I am more than willing to help out now and then.

Wowhead profiler or Armory link:

Main Professions and skill level: Leatherworking and Tailoring

Classic / Burning Crusade raiding experience (If applicable) Classic wow cleared every raid except Naxx, Cleared the spider wing and got as far as Gluth however never killed him in vanilla. In TBC i Cleared all content to Muru in Sunwell, unfortunatly WOTLK launched before we could kill Kiljeden.

Wraith of the Lich King 10man Experience on this character (If you've not fully cleared an instance then name the bosses, otherwise just cleared will do, state normal and Heroic bosses): 12/12 10 man ICC, 6/12 Heroic 10 man ICC,

Wraith of the Lich King 25man Experience on this character: 8/12 ICC cleared 1st wing, Plague wing and killed Princes

Do you have any raiding experience on different characters: Yes my alt Ret paladin Eveary. 6/12 ICC 10 and 25 - cleared totc/ulduar/naxx/maly/sarth/

Guild history and reasons for leaving: Numerous Vannilla/TBC guilds - in WOTLK - Domus, Illuminati - Domus stopped raiding due to lack of players, Joined Illuminati to raid with friends and build a good raiding guild.

Do you have any notable Achievements or anything in Wow you're especially proud of:
Insane in the Membrane, Loremaster, Tribute to Insanity, Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Needy

A bit about yourself
3rd level student from Ireland, played wow since Vanilla both on Khadgar and for a brief period on other servers. Generally would be considered more of a late night player than a day time player.

Country of Origin: Ireland

What motivates you in play wow? Is it guild progression, achievements, loot, any kind of raiding regardless of where it is, endgame raiding, questing, leveling, other (please specify): I love the lore of wow and pretty much all elements of the game bar the arena. I have always raided for the past 5 years and enjoy progression and seeing new content as it is released and current. i am an achievement hoar and love maxing my character and also enjoy theorycrafting to get the most out of my character

How often can you raid: normallly at least 3 of the raid days a week as i work some fridays. Generally i play wow 5-7 days a week.

Do you know anyone in Illuminati: I met Blackhide in a pug, he seems really nice and friendly. He told me to apply

Why do you want to join Illuminati: Because i want to see all the content in the game, not just the easy modes but i also want to have a nice social enviroment where people cna relax and have fun outside of raids.

Have you read and understood our guild rules: I have and i am over 18 as i notice in your guild rules that unless i am over 18 my application will be denied.


As a Raiding Guild we expect our members to raid atleast three a week.
If you sign up for RAID you have to be ready & bring consumables/food.
Also reading up on BOSS tactics is required.

RAID times :
Wed 19.30-24.00 - no problem
Fri 19.30-24.00 - most weeks will be ok
Sun19.30-24.00 - no problem
Mon 19.30-24.00 - no problem

For any questions you can always contact Quag (GM) or Erghast, Blackhide, Deathgiver or Empowered (Officers) in Game.
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